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Our Practice

Practice Areas


Providing legal services at the State and Federal level to private, post secondary school owners and management: 

  • Business Transactions
  •  Accreditation
  •  Administrative Agency Complaints
  •  Litigation 
  •  Regulatory  Issues
  •  Risk Evaluation and Management
  •  Personal Injury Demands
  •  Human Resources Support
  •  Corporate Structure and Governance

Our Approach


At Denise Herman Law, we are committed to offering  the best legal solutions to complement your business objectives. With some legal issues, you and your management team can implement our legal advice without further need for an attorney,  Or, you may prefer that our firm see the legal problem through to closure.  We provide those options.  At Denise Herman Law,  will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.

About Us



Attorney Herman understands your industry.  She is not just another attorney.  Ms. Herman  was formerly the Managing Director of a Financial Services sales organization and a Professor at a for-profit University.  That equates experience in Sales and Education - exactly what you do.  With 33 years experience as an attorney, she delivers sound and practical legal advice with your business objectives in mind. 



The primary law office is located in Largo, Florida,  As a licensed attorney in Florida, Ms. Herman can address the in-state legal issues of Florida school owners.  As part of her federal practice, Ms. Herman can address the federal regulatory and administrative issues for school owners wherever they are located.  Most consultations and services can be provided more conveniently via phone or e-mail.   When a legal issue arises, it is best dealt with in a swift and concise manner.

The Law Office is proud to be a Partner with AACS.



  • We "get" your business and strive to deliver legal solutions which make good business sense.   You don't need to hear what yo can't do but rather how to do  that which you need to do.
  • Sound, practical legal advice  is provided at a reasonable hourly rate.    
  • A flat rate fee can be quoted  for most transactional issues.  
  •  Our low cost monthly retainer program includes a bucket of legal services and unlimited phone access.
  • No charge for travel time or administrative services.
  • We work nights and weekends, just like you.  Call us when you need us on your schedule.